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personality traits of ideal EMT

What are the personality traits of the ideal EMT?

If you are considering a career in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), you have come to the right place. This post will explore the pros and cons of EMS. The Emergency Medical Services field is growing rapidly right now. It is an exciting time to be a part of it. But even on a personal, day-to-day level, EMS is an exciting career field. People in the EMS field, first and foremost, take care of people in their most urgent time of need. Providing this type of urgent and immediate care is very rewarding. People in the EMS field do have routine work as well, but it is often minimal. The exciting part is being dispatched on a call, because no one ever really knows what to expect. If you are looking for a dynamic workplace, an avenue in which to serve the community at large, and are both physically and mentally fit, a career in EMS may be perfect for you.

Dynamic workplace – The EMS field is one of the most dynamic workplaces there is. Every call is different. Every scene is new. Every patient is unique. As an EMT, you will never be bored at work, because work is never the same from day to day. A career in the EMS field is truly dynamic. If you want a job that is always changing and keeps you on your toes, you might be an ideal EMT.

Service to the community – Being in the EMS is being in service to the community. Everyone calls 911 during an emergency. Everyone calls you. As an EMT you have the duty to serve them to the best of your ability. Many EMTs say this is the most rewarding aspect of their career. EMTs live and breathe to serve others, and get paid for it. Service is of the up-most importance in the EMS field. If you want a job where serving others is literally in the job description, you might be an ideal EMT.

Physical and mental fitness – Working in EMS is by no means a desk job – you are constantly on the go, and because of this, physical fitness is paramount to stellar job performance. Mental health is also extremely important. More often than not, you will be meeting people in great distress. You will have to remain calm yourself, in order to help your patients calm down. You will also be called to some horrific scenes. It is hard for anyone to witness tragedy, but EMS personnel are faced with it more than most, and have to cope with it in healthy and productive ways. If you want a job where your limits will be tested, you might be an ideal EMT.

In conclusion, a career in the Emergency Medical Services can be a rewarding life’s work. There are many fields to go into once entering the EMS: ambulance personnel, Fire or Police Departments, the military, hospitals that offer EMS care, the possibilities are limitless. After you complete your EMT training, you can decide where you want to take it and what you want to do.

Next Steps – If serving the community in a dynamic and ever-changing workplace sounds compelling, a career in the EMS field would probably be a good fit for you. Call our EMT admissions team and our admissions advisors will introduce you to our program, help you enroll, and work out all the other details of your training. Call 888-790-1458 to register for EMT Boot Camp* in California now!

*Boot Camp training = intensive on-campus education with daily lectures and hands-on skills labs.

What Is the Difference Between an EMT and a Paramedic?

You see them on TV shows. You see them in movies. You see (and hear) them speeding past you, barreling towards an emergency ahead. They are Paramedics and EMTs – the men and women charged with the mission of saving lives, whenever, wherever, and however. EMTs and Paramedics both wear uniforms, work out of ambulances, and help patients. So what is the difference between an EMT and a Paramedic?

Both EMTs and Paramedics have extensive EMS training, and are prepared to transport patients and administer pre-hospital emergency medical care. The biggest difference between an EMT and a Paramedic is the amount of EMS training they have received, and the scope of care they are allowed to practice.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are the most common of the two. They complete EMT training course of about 120-150 hours. Paramedics log about 1,200-1,800 training hours. Both EMT and Paramedic training courses consist of classroom lectures, hands-on training, and clinical internships (working in the field alongside practicing EMTs and Paramedics).

EMTs and Paramedics often work together.

EMTs and Paramedics often work together.

So How Do You Become an EMT or Paramedic?

To become an EMT or Paramedic in California, you must meet four criteria, which may vary from state to state outside of California. In California, EMTs and Paramedics must:

  1. Meet the prerequisites of EMT or Paramedic training courses.
  2. Successfully complete an EMT or Paramedic training course.
  3. Pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam.
  4. Apply for and obtain certification after passing the NREMT exam.

What Does an EMT Do? What Does a Paramedic Do?

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are trained in a variety of emergency medical techniques: giving CPR, administering oxygen, preparing IV solution, supplying glucose to diabetics, providing treatment for asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and transporting patients. Paramedics are more advanced medical care providers, as they have had much more training. Paramedic training builds on EMT training, giving Paramedics the skills to administer medication, start IVs, carry out airway management, and resuscitate and stabilize patients in very critical condition.

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